A culturally diverse and high-quality arts & culture sector in South Africa that contributes to a healthy, inspired and empowered society.
To operate arts & culture activities and programs that are inspirational and empowering to positively contribute to the development, redress and upliftment of youths in the communities of Cape Town though artistic training and life skills development that is accessible and affordable to all.
As a vehicle through which social change in local communities can be facilitated. The arts present sustainable career prospects for talented, young South Africans and lend itself well to promoting positive community development through the upliftment of the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of the youth. The organization’s philosophy of excellence goes beyond performance, as is visible in its activities of empowerment and social development.
iKapa’s projects operate from a newly established iKapa hub based in Gugulethu and will be developed and designed around these objectives:
  • Build capacity within arts;
  • Create training through the arts.
  • Youth development;
  • Promote the visibility of the arts;
  • Promote meaningful changes and interventions within communities;
  • Transcending culture;
  • Exploring culture & heritage; and
  • Create opportunities through the arts.