The apprenticeship is a full-time programme consisting of intensive technical, teacher and repertoire training as well as administrative and organisational skills.

This programme teaches and guides young artists in all spheres of the arts. The dance styles of iKapa are diverse and draw on a wide array of influences, with classical ballet and contemporary techniques laying the foundation of the physical training within the programme. Successful apprentices may filter into the professional company.

The iKapa Dance Apprenticeship Syllabus and Curriculum has been created by the Directors in collaboration with other professionals.

Apprentices are selected from the Youth Dance Theatre as well as from other dance schools and outreach programmmes across the country through an annual audition process.

Training is on a daily full-time basis in ballet, contemporary and African dance and includes intensive workshops, rehearsals and arts administration training.  In addition to these classes the apprenticeship includes exstensive performance experience.

To audition for the next Apprenticeship Programme, keep an eye on the iKapa Events Calendar and follow updates on Facebook and Twitter (all information will be posted in the next few months).

The arts and culture sector in South Africa is a vibrant and credible avenue for employment, however, lack of skills and access to adequate training have resulted in limited performance and employment opportunities for ambitious young artists. iKapa has designed a programme that bridges the gap between student and professional artist by providing instruction and guidance in all spheres of the arts.  Past Apprentices are now active participants in the South African Economy and contribute to the development of Arts & Culture Gloabally.