The transformation of South Africa lies with the development of the disadvantaged communities and the youth.  To improve the imbalance of education, professional/ vocational skills, social economy and employment opportunities the youth need to be disciplined, motivated and trained.  Their creativity needs to be developed so that their learning within the classroom can be increased, their bodies need to be active for their brains to be engaged, their dreams need to be inspired for their careers to aspire and they need to be nurtured so they can nurture their communities.

iKapa Dance Training and Outreach School currently operates in the disadvantaged Cape Town communities.

The Training and Outreach schools have Approximately 200 learners attending dance classes three times a week.

The classes are offered in a safe, healthy, structured and creative environment where the learners can experience a greater sense of purpose and and:

Dance promotes creative thinking, scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, physical awareness, nutritional awareness, emotional awareness and access to opportunities.

•Teaches life-skills such as teamwork, discipline and confidence

•Nurture talented learners who can later join the company through iKapa’s apprenticeship program

•Provide a positive alternative to antisocial activities such as substance abuse

•Enhance childhood social and personal development

The Training and Outreach school additional activities provide numerous performance opportunities & life skills development throughout the year so learners can get a well-rounded artistic education, rather than just technical training.