Triple Face

Triple Face 
Directed by Theo Ndindwa & Tanya Arshamian
Triple Face is a combination of three different dance creations, with each work being unique in its theme and choreography.
Tuning In is choreographed by Cilna Marais.
Who says? is choreographed by Zandile Constable.
Images in my head is choreographed by Mbulelo Ngubombini.
These vibrant and young choreographers commenced their careers as professional dancers and choreographers with iKapa Dance under the mentorship of Theo Ndindwa and Tanya Arshamian.
Marais’s Tuning In, explores the different sounds we hear, such as people’s voices, music and the sounds produced by nature and technology. Even in our silent moments, our thoughts are coloured by the sounds and voices we hear. There are many ways in which people identify their ‘inner voice’; for some it is the voice of God, for others it is the voice of their conscience. And in the end, no matter what we hear, we have to decide whether we are going to listen or not. This decision impacts on the well-being of our relationships – both with ourselves and with others.
Constable’s who says?, takes you through an individual’s journey of split personalities. Each personality is unique and is explored in great depth as the production unfolds. What we ourselves experience as being normal may not necessarily be the norm to someone else. This piece is a way for us to look within ourselves and ask: What is normal? Am I normal or are you?
Ngumbombini’s Images in my head, is about thinking back. The choreographer fuses together his past experiences with different choreographers around the world. These experiences form as images in his head. By putting these images to movement we can see the relationships between people working together. It is not an emotional relationship, but their belief and passion for dance that connects them.